Thursday, June 24, 2010

As we enter Baviácora from the South

Our first and only Cabalgata so far was 24 kilometers long. We rode with approximately 2500 other riders (all of which wore white cowboy hats, while mine was dark brown). The Governor of Sonora Guillermo Padrés Elías (PAN), rode along with us. The entire ride lasted 3-1/2 hours and ended in La Estancia. We were hosted by the Contreras Family, they provided transportation, Great horses for Cheri and myself, sipping Tepúa Bacanora and cold beer. They watched over Cheri like she was a daughter or sister and this allowed me to mix with the crowd and sample other types of Bacanora, Tequila, Mescal and even some form of whiskey. It is amazing that I stayed on the horse, but had I fallen off or had any trouble, I am confident that there would have been plenty of friendly folks there ready to help. This event was absolutely AMAZING. I hope we can repay the kindness and generosity shown to us there. We made some "once-in-a-lifetime" memories that day.


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