Saturday, June 19, 2010

La Posada Patio & Courtyard

Mine at last...well ours actually. Although there have been no big "Press Release" regarding this transaction, it is official now. Cheri and I have purchased "La Posada del Rio Sonora" in Banámichi and will be moving there later this year. We are keeping on all the staff and even promoting Mauro Maldonado to General Manager. Over the next couple of weeks you will most likely notice a new look if you check in on our two websites: and

Please share this on FB or any medium you can. We are counting on making this non-typical, non-touristy experience successful by generating as much good old fashioned fun and adventure as we can in this beautiful location. It is hard to describe, but impossible to forget. Just ask the folks that have been there.

This will be the beginning of an entirely new chapter in our lives.

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