Wednesday, June 23, 2010

En la masa

En la masa, originally uploaded by Fano_Quiriego.

Con las manos expertas Doña Lupe prepara tortillas de harina a la orilla de la playa de Bahía de Lobos, una pequeña población pesquera del Municipio de San Ignacio Río Muerto que, frente a lo ordinario de sus calles y casas, ofrece al visitante un escándalo de naturaleza sin par.

Uploaded by Fano_Quiriego on 13 Oct 09, 10.25PM MST.

With the expert hands Doña Lupe flour tortillas , prepared at the edge of the beach of Bahia de Lobos, a small fishing village of San Ignacio Rio Dead that, contrary to the ordinary streets and houses, offers visitors an unparalleled nature scandal .

This album had some of the best photos of children I have seen. Cheri nailed it when she said "If people (Gringos) could only see the happiness on the children's faces, then they wouldn't be trying so hard to change their culture..."

I really like the way Fano captured the hands.

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