Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Tepúa Bacanora King Roberto

A new friend and a new family and a new home. Cheri and I are Blessed to have made so many great friends in such an amazingly short period of time. The genuine quality that I admire and respect so much in my new friends is their willingness to share and to help us forge into a new life. The Contreras Family of Hermosillo and the Rio Sonora area have been so kind to us. This photo is of Roberto Jr. and he is an incredible fellow, a bright young man that will help his Father achieve a family dream of making and marketing Bacanora (under the Tepúa label in Mexico and Cielo Rojo in the United States). We cannot wait to attempt to help them achieve their dreams as they have helped us with ours.
Finding Great people to have as friends is one of the greatest gifts we can have in our lives. I will always be Grateful!

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