Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A message manipulated by Hate, Fear & Ignorance

A message manipulated, originally uploaded by MexicoEcoResort.

"Thank God for the border patrol that this did not come over the border. "
"Look what they found at the Arizona border!"

Sent to me in an attempt to warn me of the dangers of Mexico, by those whom have never been.

Taking images (from others) and trying to tell a story (lies and deception) of how the Mexican Drug Cartels are trying to smuggle guns and ammo North of the Border and that US Military captured them. Which was a series of lies that were 180 degrees from the Truth.... but via ignorance and the ease of forwarding to all your email buddies and they in turn to theirs and on and on. That is how Fear, Lies and Propaganda spreads like wildfire all across the good ole USA.

South of the Border, confiscated by Mexicans......

Exactly what do you think you are seeing here?

This is a Mexican Military Operation confiscating more than 300 long guns, 200 short guns, grenade launchers, RPG's , grenades, ammunition and vehicles all being smuggled from the United States to the Narco-Traffickers that in return try to keep Americans supplied with the Cocaine, Marijuana, Chrystal Meth, and now even Heroine that they can't ever seem to get enough of. I am glad to see that at least one side of the Border is being Pro-Active in this 185 Billion Dollar per year drug/arms trade. When was the last or even first time you can remember any of our more than 3500 ICE Agents along the Border stop the U.S. Gun Smugglers before they can make their way across the Border heading South? Why is Arizona the most concentrated area of weapons and ammunition sales in ratio to population in the Western Hemisphere? Where do you think all those "legally purchased" guns and ammunition is going? Go online and see where the "Big Gun Wholesalers" and "Bulk Ammunition" sales companies are located.

To the untrained eye, some folks might be easily mistaken in believing that these are American Armed Forces capturing weapons being smuggled North into our country. Anyone believing that may as well believe that the USA is the largest drug smugglers and providers of illegal drugs to Mexico and all of Latin America. With that logic, you would have to also believe that Mexico has a higher percentage of it's population addicted to drugs than anywhere else on the planet. Any and all of these assumptions would be 180 degrees wrong and would represent the height of ignorance and the ability of propaganda to lead uninformed people in any direction, even to believe in the opposite of Truth.

Uploaded by MexicoEcoResort on 23 Jun 10, 6.47AM MST.

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